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Affordable Tax Services removes the associated administrative costs and professional fees from the equation rather than ‘sandbag’ its pricing for something that rarely happens. We consider them an unnecessary overhead, so why should you pay for something you don’t need?

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Tax Preparation Made Quick and Simple

Affordable Tax Services‘ solution is a straightforward consultant-led, easy-to-navigate process for those with straightforward tax preparation and filing needs. We’re talking Pensioners with little or no investment income, Students with a part-time job or someone on Social Benefits, e.g., GST Credit, Child Tax Benefit or Guaranteed Income Support. You get the picture. Is this you? If so, we’d love to help!

We anticipate the paperwork associated with your tax affairs to be minimal and, therefore, the number of slips and schedules requiring completion is limited.

Comprehensive Tax Preparation Process

Because your personal tax affairs are relatively uncomplicated, Affordable Tax Services provides a simple process by which it will:

  • Collate your relevant receipts and slips
  • Reconcile these with those held by the CRA
  • Confirm and draft your tax return ready for your approval
  • File your return with the CRA on your behalf

Because the data entry requirements are limited and the nature of the income, expenses and allowances simple, there is no need for Affordable Tax Services to scan, copy or archive your paperwork. You retain everything for your records and future reference. This departure makes sense from a practical standpoint. Affordable Tax Services is not envisaging it being necessary to spend time and effort on your behalf to liaise with the CRA once your return is filed, and here’s why…

Our process requires full disclosure by clients as we prepare to file their taxes. We reconcile their statements and documents with those held by the CRA, and only when all things tally on our checklist are we good-to-go. These steps make it less likely that the CRA would have cause to query or clarify your tax return once it is received. It’s as simple as that. In the unlikely event that the CRA should contact you with a query you are unable to handle, Affordable Tax Services can offer additional support at a modest fee.

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The following illustrates the simplicity and elegance of our process, which usually take around 30 minutes to complete following your arrival for the pre-booked appointment.
Personal income tax preparation process

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