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Affordable Tax Services are the top tax professionals for inexpensive personal income tax preparation in the Greater Victoria area. Based in Victoria B.C. with additional offices in Langford and West Shore, Affordable Tax Services has one goal: provide a no-frills tax preparation service that is simple and hassle-free. We use our time to minimize the cost and deliver the best possible settlement for you.

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Tax Preparation Made Simple

We believe that tax filing should be simple and inexpensive. If you are a pensioner with little or no investment income, a student with a part-time job, or someone on social benefits (GST Credit, Child Tax benefit or Guaranteed Income Support) – Affordable Tax Services wants to talk to you!

Maximum Refund Guaranteed

Affordable Tax Services aims to maximize your tax refund or, if a refund is not due, minimize any tax owed. We leave no stone unturned, so you get to walk away secure in the knowledge that you’ve achieved the best possible result and kept more of your money in your pocket.

Don’t Pay More Than You Need

Affordable Tax Service is a division of CanWest Accounting Ltd, so we know what we are doing when it comes to tax preparation and filing. Our deep experience on all tax-related matters allows us to simplify the requirements of a tax filing service down to its essentials.

Best of Both Worlds

Affordable Tax Services is, at the same time, standardized yet tailor-made – how can this be? On the one hand we provide reliable and uniform, menu-priced tax preparation service. On the other, the whole offer is customized in the sense that the carefully chosen options are limited to those we know will work and importantly – an appreciation of what you won’t likely need to file your taxes accurately and on-time! This combination of features and process instils confidence and trust – for us and for you. You can trust that our income tax preparation service is designed for your straightforward needs. You don’t ‘pay over the odds’ for additional associated tax filing services that you simply don’t need to do the job – and nor should you! Meantime, we can be confident in our ability to deliver the Affordable Tax Services recipe at such a competitive price, without pressure to cut corners – because we’ve done our homework. It’s a win-win.

What You See, Is What You Get

Your trust in us is paramount. So, there’s none of the confusing or opaque pricing banded about by others and intended to lure clients in, then deliver a ‘kicker’ in hidden add-ons. Affordable Tax Services offers up-front clarity, a clear menu of services and transparent pricing for what you need. No more, no less.

Behind Every Tax Return There’s A Real Person

Our time is yours, and we also respect your time. Clearly, ‘full-service’ accounting clients demand a deeper relationship due to the complexity of their needs. Affordable Tax Services is also an ‘in-person’ service, though our time with you will be intentionally limited to keep the price tag affordable. That said, we never forget there is a person, a life, or a family behind every income tax filing we prepare. Our time together may be short and might appear ‘transactional’, focused on an efficient process – but you’re always guaranteed a warm welcome, an attentive ear, a cup of coffee and a smile. We might be tax professionals who go by the numbers, but we never forget we are in the ‘people business.’

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